I spent over 15 years in large organizations such as Playboy, Fox, The Getty, and Blizzard Entertainment providing technology leadership, hands on engineering, and process innovation.

My specialties generally center around the design and delivery of large collections of data and digital media in museums, photo agencies, video game studios, and other high-volume media environments.

These days I work independently as a programmer, consultant, and occasional technical writer.


  • Full-stack, not a designer
  • Python first, PHP often, JavaScript always
  • Productive in Node.js, Go
  • Postgres, MySQL, Mongo
  • Devops, workflow, and automation


  • Museum collection info, OpenGLAM, LOD
  • Digital asset management
  • Photo and imaging automation and quality control
  • Image distribution, rights management, forensics, metadata


  • Open culture and heritage
  • Making and maker culture
  • Immersive and 3D photography
  • Motorcycles, coffee, and independence